The Best Way To Text Your Ex Back Successfully

Do you want to get your ex back, but no matter what you do they just won’t talk to you? You’ve tried getting friends to talk to them, maybe even family members. Well the number one form of communication these days is text messages. People love them because they make getting your feelings out there so much easier. Text messages eliminate awkwardness. It makes it easy for anyone to say what’s on their mind without having to worry about the reaction of someone else in certain ways.

If you want to use text messages to get your ex back, then there’s a certain way you have to do it. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow:

•Know how to send text messages that are actually going to require a real response from the person getting them. It can’t be something generic like “what’s up”?

The thing is that too many people think they can be lazy when it comes to sending text messages. They think that they don’t have to apply themselves. Chances are they took the same approach when it came to actual face to face contact in the relationship. The goal is to connect through these messages. You have to get the other person to be willing to open themselves up to you in some way. Here’s one thing that can help you in this regard. If the text you send only requires a simple close ended rely, then this isn’t good. What you want is a message that requires an open ended response. This will give you the chance to get a message in response that’s open ended. It extends communication and the more it’s extended the better.

•Know how to use text messages in order to create good thought associations in the mind of the other person. This can be done easily once you know how. It’s the best way to elicit positive emotions and melt feelings of anger or resentment.

Thought associations are all about the images or memories that come up in a person’s mind when you say something or when certain words are used. It can be tough for you to know which way to go with this at first. The best way to start would be to focus on any words that are going to be associated with the best times you had together. Make direct reference to them if you need to. Keep sending such messages until one has an effect. Once this happens you’ve broke through the other persons defenses.

•Know when to back off for a while. Sending text messages can work to reestablish communication in a broken relationship, but you still need to know when to back off for a while.

After a breakup those first few days/weeks are important. Sometimes the other person just isn’t going to want to talk to you. You’ll have to know when to back off. If you keep coming at them and they’ve given you no reason to, then you’ll begin to come off like you’re not respecting them. You’ll come off as bothersome and this will really cause feelings of anger and irritation. Giving the other person a little bit of space if they’re not responding to text messages isn’t a bad thing. Just know when to get back in the game.

All of this can be tough to understand. This is why a guide such as Text Your Ex Back can help you tremendously. This guide isn’t just some list of tips you’ll use that won’t work. The author knows his stuff and has used a lot of his own experience to help plenty of couples avoid breakups, get back together as well as strengthen their relationship overall.

The Text Your Ex Back program is all about you getting your ex to speak to you again so that you can resolve any issues you have. The program helps to get past negative feelings and it helps you to focus on the positive. In the process it will help you to become a better communicator in the relationship. You be able to take care of the emotional needs of your partner much better. This could be the reason your relationship ended in the first place.

Texting is harmless and doesn’t require any real effort. The only effort is in what you’re going to send. This is why you need something to help you such as this guide, which you can find at You’ll be surprised at how powerful sending the right text messages can be. Just understand that no matter how good this program is, you’ll still have to fix things in person if it gets to this point. So don’t overly on it in this regard.